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Faces - video and photos

The video shows the creation of the photo series "Faces". The subjects of this photo series are naturally formed shapes. They were before the recordings neither prepared, nor altered in any way. I have photographed the motifs just so as I have found. My contribution to the creation of these images was limited to the settings of the camera, selection of the exposure (time of day), choosing the angle and adjust the sharpness. The photos was taken with an analog camera and recorded on black and white negative film.

The idea for this series of photos arose during my frequent trips to the countryside. At the beginning I have photographed only interesting shapes of tree bark, roots or stones. Only later, when I found the first motives of the "Faces", I began to look for similar shapes after faces.

The photos have been exhibited several times they always enjoyed great popularity. Visitors to the exhibition were surprised and very interested in the origin of the images. They have often asked if the structure were prepared or if I had changed something on it. On the other hand, some of the visitors have told me that they have seen and photographed such structures too.

However, some images have been modified for the production of the video. For example, the background of the picture "Snake" was completely replaced. Most of the images were photographed in a completely different environment, as illustrated in the video. As I took the photos I did not thought about making a video, but only a series of photos. Afterwards, during the production of the video, it was no longer possible, or it made no sense to make the video in the original environment, because the forms were already severely damaged or completely gone. In the gallery on this website the original pictures are exhibited without any changes.

I hope these pictures will inspire people to look at nature differently and to see nature as a living, intelligent organism, and not just as an economic resource or an amusement park. I would like to move people to think more about our approach to the environment and to remind them that we are a part of nature and that we will not survive without her.

Benjamin Bakowski